Song of the Morning

A major temple to Lathander, dominating the town of Beregost. Kelddath Ormyr is the Most Radiant of Lathander and high priest of the temple. It consists of a fortified church surrounded by stables, refectories, guesthouses, and outbuildings. It rises up right beside the east side of the road in the center of town, and its’ distinctive rose-red spires can be seen for miles. Its many clergy and 200 lay-member militia assist local businesspeople and farmers, and in return the temple receives regular and large offerings. The servants of The Morninglord also tend temple fields of potatoes and herb flowers east of the road, and keep sheep on the slopes of the hill topped by the ruined school of wizardry. They keep them there ostensibly because these fields are more open to view than those of local farmers. The sheep are thus more easily watched, preventing theft and raiding beasts from ravaging them. The real reason that the sheep are kept here is that the servants of the The Morninglord want to keep some control over expeditions into the ruins and to prevent uncontrolled expansion of Beregost. Over the years, various Amnian merchants have shown a distressing tendency to lay claim to all land within easy reach of the Coast Way that’ is not strongly defended. The folk of the temple are vigilant, and stand for no lawlessness or aggression, but are otherwise helpful to strangers.

Those willing to give 20 gp or more to the temple are welcome to stay in its guesthouses for two nights. People may stay longer if they are sick or injured. Priests will tend them and won’’t expect any more money, although most folk do give something. Temple fare is simple but good, and baths and stabling are available.

Temple Services

Cures Price
Cure Light Wounds 50
Dispel Magic 200
Remove Curse 500
Cure Serious Wounds 100
Cure Disease 150
Raise Dead 1000
Sells Price
Potion of Cure Light Wounds 84
Potion of Fox’s Cunning 84
Antidote 112
Stone to Flesh scroll 168

Song of the Morning

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